Elixir / Cowboy 2022 devrafaelantunes/exnewsapi

ExNews uses the HN API to fetch and display the current top 50 stories based on score.

GreenBank API

Elixir / Phoenix 2022 devrafaelantunes/greenbankapi

GreenBank is a simulation of a bank API. You can use it to create an account, log in and make transactions within the bank.


Elixir / Phoenix LiveView 2021 devrafaelantunes/exhub Landing Page

ExHub uses Elixir, Phoenix LiveView, Ecto and HTTPoison to search, store and list GitHub's repositories ordered by stargazers count.

The project also includes a GenServer that behaves like a cache.

The landing page is avaliable on: (Hosted on AWS)


Elixir / Phoenix LiveView 2021 devrafaelantunes/tic-tac-toe-liveview

Recreation of the TicTacToe game using Phoenix LiveView.

The project also uses SCSS and LiveComponents

Task Tracker

Elixir / Ecto / Phoenix / JavaScript / React 2021 devrafaelantunes/task-tracker-api (Back-End) devrafaelantunes/task-tracker-js (Front-End)

Task Tracker helps you organize your day by keeping track of all of your tasks. After adding a task, you can delete it, set a reminder or mark it as done.

The project uses a RESTful API created in Phoenix and a SPA developed in React.

OTP Minor Projects

Elixir 2021 MIT devrafaelantunes/otp-projects

Small OTP projects written in Elixir.

The projects cover: Supervisor, Dynamic Supervisor, GenStage, Flow, Task, Stream and GenServer.

Based on the Concurrent Data Processing in Elixir book.

GitHub Finder

JavaScript / React 2021 devrafaelantunes/github-finder-js

GitHub Finder is a SPA that searches for GitHub's users by their usernames. The search returns the account's information and it's related repositories.


Elixir / Phoenix / Ecto 2021 devrafaelantunes/helixbank

Virtual Bank Simulator, where you can create your account, withdraw, deposit and transfer money.

This App uses Server Side Rendering instead of a SPA.


Elixir / Ecto 2020 MIT devrafaelantunes/blogdb

Uses Ecto to create a blog's database.

In this project I could use and learn more about database modelling techniques and it's relationships.

Request Counter

Elixir 2020 MIT devrafaelantunes/request-counter

Request Counter uses a GenServer and a Supervisor to validate and store IPs that comes through HTTP Requests.


Elixir 2020 MIT devrafaelantunes/fizz-buzz-elixir

Simple word replacement game. The app reads a file and replaces it's words according to their size.

If divisible by 3: fizz; If divisible by 5: buzz; If divisible by both: fizzbuzz.